Guide to various types of cars

It can be overwhelming to research the types of cars in the United States, because there are so many cars to choose from. This website is designed to be an informational hub to help you understand the various car types and how they compare to each other. Keep in mind that cars are not only a functional form of transportation, but they can also be a status symbol for the person behind the wheel. Not all cars are created equal, and it is important to understand the functional use of each car type. These are the main types of cars to consider:


CoupeThe smallest type of car is referred to as a “coupe,” which always has at least 33 cubic feet or less of interior space. All coupes have a closed-body style, and most of them have only 2 doors, although there are a few coupe designs with 4 doors. Typically, the back seat in a coupe will only have 2 seats instead of the standard 3 seats that are in most other backseats.


SedanBased on interior space, sedans are a little bigger than coupes with a minimum of 33 cubic feet on the interior. Usually sedans have 4 doors, and they are designed to seat either 4 or 5 people. Because of the larger body size, it is common for sedans to have a larger engines compared to the coupes.


TruckThe term truck usually refers to a vehicle with an open cargo area in the back. The front is closed in for the passengers to sit, and the back is known as the “bed” where cargo can be stored. Sometimes, trucks will have a shell or covering which protects the cargo in the back.


SUVThe acronym “SUV” stands for Sports Utility Vehicle, and it is a passenger car built on the concept of a pickup truck. SUVs offer the power and 4-wheel-drive capabilities that are available on a truck, but they are built with an interior that is fully enclosed for passengers to sit in.


VanA van is a great passenger vehicle, because most vans are designed with rows of seats to fit anywhere from 8 to 16 people. Vans are used for many purposes, from commercial use to personal use. There are several types of vans to choose from, with the minivan being the most popular in this category.

Sports Car

Sports CarSleek, two-seater cars are often referred to as “sports cars,” and these types of cars usually focus on the speed and handling of the car at high speeds. Sports cars are specifically designed to have optimal performance, and they can achieve high speeds in a short amount of time because of their powerful engines and light body weight.


ConvertibleThe convertible style of car is often a sports car with the ability to fold down the top of the car and drive with the wind in your hair. Usually, the convertible top will fold down into the back of the car, and it can be easily reattached to the windshield at any point to enclose the interior again.


HybridThe hybrid design is unique, because it uses a minimum of 2 separate power sources to run the vehicle. Most hybrid cars use an internal combustion engine that runs on gasoline, and an electric motor that uses electricity. The electric engine can be charged by plugging it in, or it also charges while the car is running on gasoline.


CrossoverThe crossover is a smaller type of SUV, which is based on a car design instead of a truck design. Crossovers typically have off-road capabilities, but they are designed for light- to medium- off road activities since they are closer to the ground than a truck or a full-size SUV.


ElectricOne of the types of cars that is quickly gaining popularity is the electric car, because it helps to save money on gas costs and it is also good for the environment. Because the gas prices have increased so much in recent years, many people are looking for electric options to save money at the pump. Most electric cars are designed so that they must be plugged in to recharge the battery.


HatchbackWhen a car has a rear door it is called a hatchback. The rear door opens upward, which allows easy access to the trunk/cargo area. Many hatchbacks offer a feature where the backseat can be folded down, allowing the option for more cargo space if needed. The versatility of the foldable seat allows the car to be used as a passenger vehicle or a cargo vehicle as needed.


Micro CarsMicrocars are becoming more popular in the US because of their efficient gas mileage and affordable price. These cars are tiny, and typically only have 2 seats. Most microcars have four wheels, although there are some models with only three wheels. The electric version of a microcar is a good option for someone who is concerned about the environment, because it is a great way to cut back on pollution.

By Ralph Redsteer